PCP (2015)

A "double album" of twenty-two paintings depticting drippy creepy versions of pop cutlure icons from TV, comics, and film.

  1. It Appears that I’ve been Slimed
  2. To my Other Favorite W.W.
  3. Order 66
  4. From the Town of Springfield
  5. Kill all Humans
  6. The Darkest Knight
  7. Up, Over, and Gone
  9. Turtles Don't Know the Meaning of the Word “Defeat”
  10. They Got Squid
  11. Cut to the end, will ya? How do I kill it?
  12. Your Friendly Neighborhood...
  13. The last thing I feel like dealing with today is a Jedi
  14. In the Name of the Moon
  15. Just Because I Cannot See it Doesn't mean I Can't Believe it
  16. Shhh! My Common Sense is Tingling!
  17. This is not a war. This is pest control!
  18. Life's a Bowl of Cherries and this is the Pits!
  19. We know the evil that men do
  20. TR-8R
  21. Sometimes the Scariest Things come from Within
  22. Fun! Fun! Fun!